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Corporate Health Achievement Award
Corporate Health Achievement Award

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CHAA Powerpoint Presentation

Purpose: This PowerPoint slide presentation is based on fifteen years of experience using a rigorous method for assessing the status of occupational and environmental medicine programs. Exemplary workplace health elements are elucidated by a review of applications for the Corporate Health Achievement Award (CHAA). Communication of the award’s assessment tools and identified best practices are described.

Workplace Settings: North American employers with 500 or more workers in service, manufacturing, or government can apply for the Award and receive a formal review, but any employer or worker can use the checklist, model practice examples, and the self-assessment approach regardless of the workplace size.

Summary of the Program: Since the inception of the CHAA in 1996, its objectives have remained unchanged: to foster awareness of quality health, safety, and environmental programs; to identify model programs and outstanding practices with measurable results; and to encourage organizational self-assessment and continuous improvement. A team of trained examiners scores each application and looks for comprehensive and innovative programs. Applicants gain valuable confidential insight that helps them continue to strengthen their programs in non-proscriptive, cost-effective ways. Furthermore, the health profession, management, and labor benefit from educational communications that include feedback letters, seminars at national meetings, award announcements, press releases, journal articles, “Labor Day 2000 Checklist,” thousands of award brochure mailings, and an internet web site. CHAA financial support is from charter- and co-sponsors.

Fifteen Years of Results: As the presentation shows, thirty-eight CHAA and Honorable Mentions have been given to various organizations: manufacturing (17); service (6); government entities, federal/city/county health department (7); and 8 medical/healthcare systems. Over fifty evaluators who are in positions to influence occupational medicine and environmental health practices have been trained. Examples are given to illustrate that these organizations have metrics and trends that demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs.

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