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Corporate Health Achievement Award
Corporate Health Achievement Award

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How do I apply? - Application and Guidelines

Dear Leader:

Many employers in North America have made the health of their workers an important business priority. The Corporate Health Achievement Award (CHAA) recognizes those organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement in worker health, safety, and environmental management.

Outstanding health, safety, and environmental programs operating in organizations within North America, including manufacturing, service, government, for-profit and non-profit organizations are eligible. Applicants must employ 500 or more workers.

If your organization meets these criteria, then I extend you a special invitation to apply for this prestigious award.

Participating organizations have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a review of their programs by a professional team of trained examiners;
  • Receive feedback on strengths and areas of improvement;
  • Gain widespread recognition for best practices and model programs.

An application packet has been developed, along with the "Guide to a Healthly Workplace", to serve as both a rigorous evaluation and an educational tool for applicant organizations and their staff. See documents below.

After reviewing the material, if you decide to apply for the award, please complete the “Letter of Intent to Apply” form and the "Basic Information About Your Organization" and mail it as soon as possible– but no later than July 3. Please contact staff if you have any questions.


We look forward to recognizing your organization for its outstanding achievement in worker health, safety, and environmental management.


Fikry W. Issac, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Chair, CHAA Committee
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Below you will find all the documents needed to apply for the Corporate Health Achievement Award.

Application Guidelines (pdf)
Combined in this file is basic information on how to apply for the CHAA along with a timeframe for the award as well as the Guide to a Healthy Workplace.  This document explains each standard in detail and provides information on how to develop your responses for the Award.  Also included is a Quick Check feature to assess the status of your programs.




Letter of Intent (pdf)
Once you are ready to declare an intention to apply, use this section for the way to let ACOEM know. This will improve the planning steps involved with each cycle of the Award.

Criteria and Point Weighting Overview - (pdf)
An introductory part and scoring summary sheet are included.

Basic Information About Your Organization (pdf)
This information helps in organizing the Examiner Team so that members will have the most experience possible in relation to your business activities and products.

NAICS Tables (pdf)
This is reference that supplants the SIC Codes.

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